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Project Services End-to--End

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If your offerings are Project-driven Than you need to consider Microsoft Dynamics Project Service Automation (PSA)!

Every organization that provides project-driven services knows how important it is that Sales and Delivery work together closely to accurately estimate effort so that, ultimately, the customer's resulting project is delivered on time and on budget. 

Not only can PSA enable a effective collaboration between Relationship and Project Managers, but Projects and Deliverables can be accurately measured against customer expectations (committed deliverables, timelines, SLAs) to ensure engagements remain profitable and successful. Imagine having real-time insight into your billable utilization, cost tracking and project profitability.  

By providing a collaborative and integrated system used by both sales and delivery, you create  greater structure and utilize consistent methodologies in the project-related work they conduct. Resulting efficiencies increase both customer satisfaction and project profitability!